Wuzzos partner with award winning Micro-Fresh antimicrobial technology

Wuzzos and Micro-Fresh

We are delighted to announce Wuzzos® have partnered with Micro-Fresh® in our premium sailing footwear to bring you a first – sailors with fresh feet. Micro-Fresh® is a smart antimicrobial technology: award-winning and high-performance which offers antifungal and more importantly, antibacterial protection.

Micro-fresh® are well known for their versatile application on products from textiles to leather and footwear. As a fresh and forward-thinking brand, the Micro-Fresh® innovative technology provides premium reassurance and keeps Wuzzos® footwear smelling clean and fresher for longer.

With the added benefit of Micro-Fresh®, Wuzzos footwear is now odour-free, anti-bacterial and suitable for the most sensitive of skin types. No bacteria mean no odours, which reduces the need for intensive cleaning and extends the life of the shoes.

“I have specialised in developing footwear and apparel for the marine industry throughout my career. Previous technologies have been a masking agent to hide the smell. Micro-Fresh® stops the problem at source and prevents growth of the pathogenic and odour causing bacteria in the first place. This is a game changer for the industry.” – Charlie Bird, MD of WUZZOS®

‘At Micro-Fresh® we are proud of our innovation heritage and we welcome this partnership with the Wuzzos® team to bring premium boat shoes with our technology, to prevent against odours, bacteria and mould. The brands are complimentary, they share similar values and we look forward to a long-lasting partnership with Wuzzos®.’ – Byron Dixon OBE


De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) and the British Footwear Association tested samples of the most popular leather used in shoe-making with Micro-Fresh® treatment to see how long Covid-19 survived on leather. The independently funded study found that Covid-19 is able to survive on leather for 24-48 hours and that it was able to be transmitted to shoe boxes and surfaces during the manufacturing process. The Micro-Fresh® treatment destroys the virus, taking the survival rate down to 2 hours. As a member of the British Footwear Association, we welcome independent testing to boost consumer confidence by providing facts on Covid-19 survival time.

The full report can be found here:https://britishfootwearassociation.co.uk/new-research-to…/