The Retail tide is turning…

After 20 years in Retail, I have finally done what I wanted to do; launch my own brand and do it my way. Taking a couple of years out to work in a different marketplace made me realise how much I missed the creation and evolution of product, working with athletes, trying new concepts and being proud to showcase the finished article to consumers. I should use the term “finished” loosely because the life cycle of a product fades if you stand still. There is always tweaking and fine tuning to each version that goes into production to try and evolve the advantage that the consumer demands.

Whitaker Deck Shoe - Ice Blue
Whitaker Deck Shoe – Ice Blue

The landscape of Retail supply chain is changing, and I guess it takes a brave voice to transmit that to an establishment who have a reliance on agents, distributors, wholesalers and the bricks and mortar of a high street store. Consumer demands have capitalised on the digital age to fuel our desire for speed of requirement and in most instances bring “convenience” to the top of the fulfilment tree. My desire was to create an end-to-end brand orientated around quality; but the idea of quality is the overall consumer experience of buying the product as much as the product itself.

WUZZOS is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) company who design, develop, manufacture and ship straight to the end user. We focus on selling only a handful of products that are “best in class”, offer superior quality at a lower retail price than most established consumer brands and deliver with an exemplary customer experience. To assist this we have created CLUB WUZZOS; a free to join membership scheme that provides special offers, free UK Delivery and Returns, as well as access to our pre-order and out of stock discount facility.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our hand made deck shoes and keep a look out, there’s a lot more to come. Onwards and upwards…

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