Sue Pelling reviews the latest women’s sailing shoes for YBW.COM

Yachting & Boating World is the digital platform that represents some of the best UK sailing publications in circulation; Yachting Monthly, Yachting World, Practical Boat Owner, and Motorboat & Yachting. When we heard the 9 best women’s boat shoes had been independently reviewed, the Wuzzos team were excited to see the results.

Sue Pelling conducted the report, and she is a lifelong journalist in the marine industry who has covered just about every major regatta and race across the world, so we knew that whatever was written would be fact.

Wuzzos adopt a “blank canvas” approach to design and development by first listing what we as sailors need from this product to perform. Our components have to be premium, corrosion resistant and able to handle a life subjected to long days at sea. The Whitaker ladies boat shoes specify a thicker, hand selected premium water-resistant, full grain leather which goes back to the original construction method adopted for boat shoes. Over time it will mould and form to the contours of your foot to delivery luxurious comfort and a perfect fit. The outsole design remains unchanged over many years but the key component here is the rubber compound.

Maximising the area in contact with the ground increases the coefficient of friction – This is what measures the grip you achieve before slippage occurs and is why our deck shoe is wide fitting. Grip is made even more challenging on a yacht or power boat when heel angles, water and wind are thrown into the mix. The test time Wuzzos invest in the development of our outsole design and non-marking UV resistant rubber compound will provide you with market leading performance; but remember the age old adage – “Power without control is nothing” – the rest is down to you…!

Take some time to CLICK HERE and read the detailed women’s boat shoe review that Sue Pelling has carefully compiled. See for yourself how Wuzzos adopt engineered excellence to manufacture the best deck shoes on the market.