Corinthian Pro Shoe Article – Powerboat & RIB – May 2021


Powerboat and RIB magazine is a key publication within the marine industry; written by and for motorboat enthusiasts. Performance footwear is just as important on motor vessels as it is on cruising and racing yachts, Wuzzos new Corinthian Pro Shoes received some great coverage in the May 2021 edition of Powerboat and RIB, underpinning the strength of the Wuzzos brand in both premium leather boat shoes and performance sailing footwear.

The shoe features innovation such as Wave Shock impact absorbing sole technology; structurally designed forward facing panels that limit torsional twist and absorb forces rather than transmitting them through the core of the body. It can assist the simplest of tasks such as getting on and off a boat, let alone crashing down off a wave in a big sea.

Wuzzos® have partnered with Micro-Fresh® to bring you a first – sailors with fresh feet. Micro-Fresh® is an invisible anti-microbial technology that keeps your Wuzzos® footwear smelling clean and fresh. It never wears out or washes off. It is hypoallergenic, vegan friendly, free from plastic and suitable for the most sensitive of skin types. Micro-Fresh® prevents bacteria from growing and no bacteria means no odours.

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