Corinthian Pro shoe on test with Yachting World in gear guide

Wuzzos elite sailing shoe, the Corinthian Pro, has been designed by sailors for sailors with every detail considered within its top specification. Comfort is key for long days at sea and hidden beneath the outsole is our unique WAVE-SHOCK impact absorbing sole technology.


Just in time for Southampton Boat Show, Yachting World have reviewed this shoe in their new gear guide and they agree that its a high quality performance shoe designed with serious sailors in mind. Click the link HERE to read the full review.

Corinthian Pro Shoe

At the start of the year Wuzzos announced that all our premium sailing shoe are now activated with Micro-Fresh; an invisible treatment to prevent odour, bacteria and mould. Its a game changer in the Marine Industry because the environment is a moisture rich breeding ground for bacteria and, our consumers inherently don’t wear socks.

De Montfort University Leicester and the British Footwear Association tested samples of the most popular leather used in shoe-making with Micro-Fresh® treatment to see how long Covid-19 survived on leather. The independently funded study found that Covid-19 is able to survive on leather for 24-48 hours and that it was able to be transmitted to shoe boxes and surfaces during the manufacturing process. The Micro-Fresh® treatment destroys the virus, taking the survival rate down to 2 hours.

The full report is a fascinating read and can be found HERE.